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Make your business play


Visual & UX Design





I designing a playful campaign page for Microsofts Office 365 suite. The story was built around a product studio from Copenhagen. The project was done in close collaboration with Microsoft and 2 other partners responsible for copy and marketing.


Microsoft needed a landing page that should sell their Office 365 suite to small business, startups, and entrepreneurs. They wanted to communicate all the benefits and features their solution has without making I feel too pushy. We decided to focus the campaign on a story of one of their customers, a production studio called Playground.

Wireframes and First Iteration

We had a good idea of what content need to be on the page, so we quickly decided to jump into making wireframes. This helped with a quick back and forth dialog between us and Microsoft about what order different pieces of content should appear.

Initial wireframe for the Make Your Business Play campaign

After agreeing on the wireframes we moved to the first iteration of the design.

I came up with a design where the images played a big role. We had great assets for this campaign, so we wanted them to shine as much as possible. Therefore we had big images and a simple layout.

Top part of the first iteration

The design worked, but we felt something was missing. It was lacking a feeling of playfulness. We called up Microsoft and convinced them to bend the guidelines, so we could achieve a more playful and fun site. That leads us to…

Second Iteration

I continued working on the design, trying to loosen up the edges and many boxes of the site. This led to using big brush strokes as part of the design. I also found a new font that had the feeling we wanted the design to convey.

Top part of the second iteration

We were very close to the final design, and the rest of the process was going back and forth with Microsoft until we got the final details just right.

Throughout the whole project, I continuously worked on the mobile view, to make sure everything could work on different screen sizes. This is the final design we ended up with:

I was the sole designer on this project. I worked with the developer Christian and the project manager Martin.